Prophecy since 1933 about Kamala Harris becoming Vice-President of USA !

(08/11) Creating history in American election, Kamala Harris is going to take oath on 20th January as the first woman vice-president of USA. Kamala Harris is the daughter of Donald Jasper Harris and Shyamala Gopalan. Mr. Jasper is 82 years old, having African heritage from Jamaica and now is a resident of USA. He was working as the Jamaican-American Economist and a professor at the Stanford University. He married to a Biomedical scientist Shyamala Gopalan who belonged to Tamil Nadu, India. They got separated in 1971, since then Kamala and her sister Maya had been staying with their mother.

They used to come to India once in around two years. Shyamala didn’t marry since the separation and in 2009 at the age of 70, she passed away.
Kamala has her sister Maya as her immediate family. Maya Lakshmi Harris is 53 years old and has married to Tony West in 1998. She is a lawyer and involved in various social services. She also participates in various debates in television in US.
56 years old Kamala Harris married to Douglas Emhoff in 2014. Douglas was previously married to American film Producer Kerstin Macklin and got divorced in 2008. Kamala doesn’t have any children, but have children from her husband’s previous marriage. They both have 5.8 million American dollar as their property. She also has been awarded from Havard and other organisations for her remarkable work towards society. Believing in God, , she is the member of San Francisco Baptist Church. Kamala shares her heritage as an African-American and American-Asian lineage.
Being she is a supporter of human rights, she opposed the abolition of Article -370 implemented by Modi Government in India and she had some differences with Obama’s administration. But an American Christian Prophet prophecied abut her since 1933 is now a matter of discussion. Revrend William Branham, a Christian Preacher had said that America is a women centrist country. At the end of the age, an woman will be the vice president or the president in USA. And the whole USA will bow down to her. However, only the time will tell how much this prophecy is correct.


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