Modi will lose his importance if Joe Biden becomes the President of USA !

(06/11) With Joe Biden leading against Donald Trump, various assumptions are being predicted over Presidential election of USA. Many intellects have predicted it’s magnanimous after effect on the Central Government of India. At present Joe Biden is still leading with 264 seats while Donald Trump is lagging with a close 214 seats. It will be a mistake to assume that Modi government will be completely unaffected with the USA election result, if Joe Biden becomes the President of USA. Donald Trump was a Capitalist himself, hence he used to take steps in favour of corporate people. So Modi and Trump got closer. Joe Biden after becoming the president will definitely block this relationship. Because Joe Biden is a humanist first whereas Modi has not been seen giving importance to human rights. So their relationship wouldn’t take fast pace from the beginning. Perhaps, that’s why many saffron party supporters offered havan ritual for the victory of Trump. In last February, when Corona started showing its effect everywhere, Modi invited Trump and hosted the grand programme called ‘Namaste Trump’ in Gujarat. At least, its side-effect may be observed that’s people’s apprehension.

More over that, Modi the Prime Minister of India, campaigned for Trump as “Ab ki Baar, Trump Sarkar”. We can’t hope that Joe Biden will forget it easily. On the other hand, this will defame the influence of Modi in USA. But to obtain his self desires Prime Minister campaigned for Trump indirectly diminishing his own image as well as sacrificing the dignity and self respect of a Prime Minister of India, which will remain as a history.



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