Covid 19 is scaring only School-College-Court etc., but it disappears at election campaigns ?

( 07/11 ) – The fear of COVID infection scared people so much that they started assuming that it’s impossible to get rid of this pandemic. Even the government prohibited people from going out and restricted them to stay at home. Now a days, the amount of confusion are prevailing about this Covid 19, only doctors who are treating Covid 19 patients can say if these are truth or not.

But, ironically the mass gathering during campaigning of by-election in other States including Odisha and the Bihar Assembly election shows as if Covid 19 is not affecting those people. If this amount of mass gathering, meeting, rallies etc are possible during election campaigns, then how can Central as well as State Governments are not opening school college, is really doubtful. But the instruction for online classes given both by the State and the Central Governments, citing pandemic situation due to covid 19 is very confusing.

Now, the State Government has declared to issue a special guidelines after 15th November for the students from standard XI to XII. On the other hand, a notice by School and Mass Education department of Odisha has been issued stating primary schools will be closed until 31st December 2020.

But the question is, why the Governments do not restrict the election campaigns of large gathering which decides the future of the leaders to safeguard from community spread? Are the political leaders now so selfish to not to think of people’s health and life for the safeguard of their future career?
And if in these mass gathering Covid 19 is not spreading, then why schools and colleges are shut down citing the same? On what ground, leaders are blocking the opening of the school and colleges. If the schools are closed until December, then the annual examination will normally commence by next two months means by March? Will the government promote students to upper classes without any examination or grading taking the pleas of this pandemic?
If any governments or any of its leader’s have the attitude to rule over ruining the future of the students, then in education sector, the State or the Country may go to far back, can anyone deny it?


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