Bihar Election Results – Ravi Shankar Prasad may become the Chief Minister !

(11/11) – Everyone is keen towards Bihar election and its outcome. But the final result has troubled the people of the State and both the ruling party and opposition. But the one party, which has gained the most is BJP. In 2015 Assembly election, BJP won only 53 seats, whereas this time it has won 74 seats.
However on 2015, RJD won 80 seat and became single largest party in the State, where at this time it has 75 seats and maintained as single largest party. The Mahagathabandhan has won 110 seats, whereas NDA has 125 seats. But JDU, which won 71 seats last time has won only 43 seats. So JDU leader Nitish Kumar, becoming Chief Minister of Bihar this time, is doubtful.

Even if BJP keeps the CM seat, then the Deputy CM seat will be available to BJP leader Sushil Modi or not, is still not clear. Because centre doesn’t rely on Sushil Modi. Even it didn’t publish his picture on election posters, instead it advertised Modi’s picture on election campaigns.

That’s why one of the central ministers may take charge as the Chief Minister of the State. Many are hopeful about central minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad becoming the next CM of Bihar. Many are raising questions this win as EVM hack, as the exit poll results were completely in favour of Tejaswi Yadav and his alliances.

If that’s true, then next time to win the elections is, not by motivating the voters but by motivating the EVM machines, some expressed sarcastically.


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