Australia will produce Covid 19 vaccine. India may avail it by February !

( 09/11) – Many countries have been researching, testing and evaluating COVID vaccine of their own considering its fatality. But till now no country has achieved any satisfactory result. Only Russia claimed to find the vaccine which is highly doubtful. But now, Australia has initiated the vaccine production with its own research method with the cooperation of Oxford University.

According to the production company, the production will be processed within the first six months of 2021. However The Bharat Bio-Tech International Limited Company may start producing vaccine in the beginning of 2021. It declared previously that within June 2021, vaccine will be ready. But now with the help of Central Council of Indian Medicine, Hyderabad, the company will produce vaccine hopefully by the next February.
But, the CEO of a British multinational company, Pascal Sorkar has stated that by January next year, his company will provide millions of vaccine to the whole world. Also the government of Hungery, after importing a little amount of Russian vaccine and testing, their citizens will be provided with this.
Israel is also experimenting for its successful implementation, whereas some Chinese companies have assured to provide free vaccine for the students. Everyone knows that the Patanjali acclaimed vaccine was highly controversial, hence it’s selling has been stopped.


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