Arnab Goswami’s arrest – Is it really an ” Attack on the whole media fraternity”?

(05/11) Maharashtra police was highly criticized by many Central ministers and Chief Ministers of some BJP ruling states over the arrest of Arnab Goswami, the Chief Editor of Republic Tv channel. So many high profile politicians like the president of BJP, J.P. Nadda, Home Minister Amit Shah, Mrs. Smruti Irani, Ravi Shankar Prasad and so many other Ministers and Chief Ministers have reacted vigorously opposing this arrest. Even the vice president of BJP, Mr. Baijayanta Panda has stated that this incident reminded him of the infamous Emergency in India.

But if this is actually the case of attack on the media house by Maharashtra government, then how could BJP Government lodged Sedition Case against those journalists, who had only criticized the Government?

Among those Binod Dua, a veteran journalist from Himachal Pradesh got arrested by the state government.
Uttar Pradesh police arrested the journalist called Prashant Kaunajia.
Dhaval Patel, a senior journalist from Gujarat was also arrested.
This list includes many more such names, where media was attacked by the ruling government just because they criticized it.
As of a recent incident, a Kerali journalist went to collect data about Hathras incident, where he got arrested with various allegations. Why were those incidents got ignored and out of comment by any of the BJP leaders.
On the other hand, during the Emergency under Indira Gandhi, those journalists who opposed central government were arrested. But has Arnab Goswami ever asked any questions to the BJP government or criticized it’s policies. Instead people say that he has been working as the spokesperson of BJP?
Well MH police cleared that, Mr Arnab has not been arrested for any report he had published or presented. But he has been arrested for a case of May 2018, over the accusation of two family memebers of Mumbai committing suicide. A prominent Mumbai based designer Mr Anwe Naik worked for Arnab’s studio of deal of crores of rupees. But he didn’t get his due payment about five crore forty lakh rupees. As a result of which he got bankrupt. Finally, he and his mother committed suicide mentioning Arnab Goswami’s name in his suicide note.

But this matter was suppressed by the then Devendra Fernandez government. Now, that file has been reopened with the direction of the court. That’s how it troubled Arnab Goswami. But those ministers and leaders are saying this is an attack on the whole media fraternity, don’t they want justice for this victim’s family? Court has now sent Mr Goswami to judicial custody for fourteen days. But Mr. Goswami succeeded to send Bollywood Actress Riya Chakarvarti to jail projecting her as the murderer of Sushant Singh Rajput just over his doubts.
If that’s valid, then when the name of Arnab’s name in someone’s suicidal note is found, how he should be presented by Media houses and leaders- must think about this.


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